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Carrollton, Mississippi, established in January 1834 and designated as the county seat of Carroll County, was incorporated on February 19, 1836.Located in North Central Mississippi and approximately eight miles east of the Mississippi Delta on U. S. Highway 82, Carrollton is proud to be the ancestral home of two U. S. Senators, one of whom was J. Z. George, a primary author of the present 1890 Mississippi Constitution. Carrollton also proudly claims to be the home of native author Elizabeth Spencer as well as noted “blues” composers Shell Smith and Willie Narmour.

Boasting of the fact that Carrollton is restored and not renovated, Carrollton is one of the largest historic districts on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States.There are approximately eighteen historic sites located around Court Square, making a walking tour an enjoyable event. 

One of the best preserved sites in Carrollton is the Merrill Museum, which houses the John Sidney McCain collection, a compilation of personal and military memorabilia belonging to the great grandfather and grandfather of Senator John S. McCain, U. S. Presidential candidate in 2008.

Of the five churches located in Carrollton, four were established in the 1830’s and one in 1870, and all continue with active congregations.

Carrollton is also the home of Masonic Lodge No. 36 whose present hall is the second oldest Masonic lodge building in continuous use in Mississippi.We invite you to enjoy the slideshow presentation of several of the historic sites in Carrollton. 
Selected tours are available upon request and may be arranged by calling 662-237-6926. We also invite you to join us at our Pilgrimage and Pioneer Day held in October. For further information you may also go to and

Town of Carrollton

PO Box 181
Carrollton Ms 38917

Water Department

Linda McGregor
Town Clerk
Phone: 662-237-4600


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